Fitness classes

Your health and well-being are at the heart of our concerns. With a view to strengthening your immune system through regular activity, our fitness room is free entry.

You will find cardio equipment for muscle maintenance and music to help you surpass yourself. You'll leave RIDE in better shape than you've ever been. A personalised follow-up with a professional coach is available on request.

Build your endurance

With the aim of improving your stamina, strength and movement, access to our gym with a variety of equipment is free. You'll have a large space bathed in natural light where you can use a variety of specialised machines and equipment.

Using the treadmill means aerobic exercise. Studies show that this type of exercise reduces the risk of heart attacks because it strengthens the heart muscles.
Rowing machine
The rowing machine is a device that reproduces the movements of rowing, a sport that is beneficial to our bodies, not only in terms of general health, but also in improving cardiovascular performance.
Free weights (barbells and dumbbells) are excellent for muscle strengthening, resulting in greater flexibility. It is important that these exercises are performed correctly with good posture and intensity in order to benefit your health.
Elliptical trainer
The elliptical machine, like the treadmill, allows you to increase your resistance and cardiovascular capacity. This improves your health through aerobic training.
Exercise bike
Cycling in the open air or on a stationary bike strengthens the body and mind. At the RIDE Hotel we have both options. Remember, whether fast or slow, the important thing is to be active.