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Pilates Classes

An activity inspired by yoga, Pilates brings both physical well-being and mind/body harmony. It is known for its combination of stretching, strengthening and body balance. The benefits are many, including stronger and better defined muscles, greater flexibility, improved posture and a sense of well-being. Suitable for all ages, discover all the benefits of Pilates in one of our classes.

Maintaining your health, improving your posture, developing your flexibility and strengthening your muscles are essential to good health. According to its creator in 1920, "Pilates develops the body evenly, corrects bad posture, gives new physical vitality, and tones the mind." Joseph Pilates.

Weekly group lessons

Our team of experienced and dedicated instructors will provide you with a memorable experience whatever your level. Pilates Group classes are held by appointment with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 10 participants. Depending on the weather conditions, we can hold classes indoors or outdoors.