The benefits

of yoga

Yoga, as a physical activity that unites the mind and the body, it is the perfect combination of poses, breathing techniques and meditation that will allow you to develop strength, flexibility and achieve mental lightness. We invite you to take a journey to the roots of yoga, allowing you to experience your senses in a pure and profound way, reaching a state of wholeness and well-being.

Take care of yourself and enjoy our free yoga classes for guests (additional cost for outside guests). You are welcome to join us for a weekly Pilates session for a maximum of 10 participants. If our available classes do not fit your dates, you can schedule a group class at your convenience. Depending on the weather, we can set up classes both inside and outside the hotel.

Join our group classes

We offer individual or group classes, indoors or outdoors, depending on weather conditions and your preference. You can expect to learn how the body engages in each pose, while being guided by a coach in specific aspects to improve your body's natural movement.