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Beautiful and different terrains, from high mountains to an amazing coastline, are just a few kms away from the resort. No matter what your skill level is, we are ready to help you improve it, since day one. You can either choose a training course to improve your riding, or one to help you get started.


Have you always wanted to learn how to ride tight corners and wheelie on your mountain bike? Or, maybe your goal is to finally conquer the bunny hop? The great thing about mountain biking is that there’s always something else to learn. You can constantly push yourself to improve. (available from Monday to Friday)


Our bike instructors will teach the riders the basics about downhill cornering, uphill Obstacles, riding small rock gardens and Pump technic (available from Monday to Friday)


Are you looking to improve your mountain bike skills at jumping, downhill cornering and riding rock gardens? Developing your skills on a mountain bike will give you the confidence you need to ride better on trails! (available from Monday to Friday)

Private classes

Get all the bike instructor attention and make the most of your time! Available for all bike levels, our private classes are perfect for those who want to improve their skills or want faster results. (Up to 3 people p/class. Available everyday – upon request)


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Ride with us through amazing and beautiful terrains, downhill, uphill, by the sea or near the mountains. Our instructors will give you the basic info about security, body position and technique.

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