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As comfortable as your stay at RIDE Resort & Spa will undoubtedly be, enjoying unforgettable experiences is also an essential part of a successful break. That’s why we offer a range of sports and different experiences that you can enjoy at RIDE itself as well as outside the hotel with our partners. 

The wide range of physical and relaxation activities is perfect for ensuring you get back in shape and develop your immune system during your stay.

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Mountain biking

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Surf school

Peniche is one of the world's top surf spots, hosting a stage of the MEO World Finals for over 10 years. You can have a taste of this free and competitive spirit by taking up surfing on site at our surf school.

RIDE is just a few hundred metres from the beach. You will have the best teachers with you as well as quality equipment so you can discover the pleasure of board sports. We offer courses for beginner to intermediate levels.

Transport to the top spots in Peniche, Baleal (depending on conditions), as well as full equipment, is included in our courses.



Your health and well-being are at the heart of our concerns. With a view to strengthening your immune defenses by practicing regular activities, we have free access to a fitness room. You will find equipment there to work the cardio, to maintain all the musculature of your body and music to help you surpass yourself. You'll come out of RIDE in better shape than you've ever been.

Personalized follow-up with a professional coach is available on your request.



Whether you're part of a couple or with your family, the most unmissable part of your stay will undoubtedly be our swimming pool. Although it is outdoors, the pool is heated all year round to 33 °C – and it also has a bubble area and is 1.20 m deep throughout. This makes it the perfect spot for playing around with the family or just relaxing.


Mountain biking

The Peniche region boasts magnificent views of the sea from the clifftops that run along the coast for several dozen kilometres. If you’re someone who loves sensational views and cycling, you’ll have the chance to explore the region’s stunning countryside along special paths and trails on our mountain bikes or E-mountain bikes. It's ideal for doing some exercise while enjoying the panoramas, and is perfectly suited to ensure that Peniche and the surrounding area become your new favourite destination!



Skating lies at the very core of the DNA at RIDE Resort & Spa. We have a skatepark equipped with two quarters, a bowl and rail… perfect for beginners or to improve your skills.

Come and rediscover your youth on one of our skateboards, learn to perform tricks and let yourself be carried away by the relaxed atmosphere that goes with the sport. And, thanks to our safety equipment, there's no need to be afraid of injuring yourself.

Other activities

Because RIDE Resort & Spa is not just about surfing or skateboarding, you'll also find a climbing boulder, slackline and volleyball court here.

You can also enjoy hiking on special hiking trails along the coast in the Bay of Baleal, as well as learning Jiu-Jitsu, kitesurfing, quad biking and many other activities thanks to our local partners.


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