Take care of yourself differently

During the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, Portugal has demonstrated a resistance to the pandemic that has been unique in Europe. Our way of life, our diet – largely free of industrial food – and the sunshine form a package of measures that have ensured that the local population has withstood the virus better than most. This reinforced immunity, which is a major new worldwide issue, is now available to you.

After a check-up, our programme – based on our own experience and the experience of recognised specialists – is adapted to the physiological and mental shortcomings caused by a life of stress. A good body balance means you can develop immune defences, fighting viral and bacterial loads more effectively, as well as the various attacks our bodies experience over the years.




Your health and well-being are our key concerns. We have open access to a fitness room to help boost your immune defences via regular physical exercise. Here you'll find equipment to work on your cardio and maintain all your body's musculature, as well as some music to help you go that extra mile. You'll leave RIDE in better shape than you've ever been!

One-to-one attention with a professional coach is available on request. 




One way of translating Spa is by the Latin phrase Sana Per Aquam, which just goes to show how water in all its forms can have a vital impact on your health. And that’s why we provide a range of facilities, such as a sauna and hammam together with two massage rooms, including one that is a "duo", meaning you can relax as a couple, with friends or family.


Immunity-boosting break

The best answer to the spread of coronavirus – and the other viruses that are bound to follow – is to make sure you’re in excellent health with immune defences capable of responding to the virus. It’s with this in mind that we offer breaks designed to strengthen your immune system. When you arrive, you'll be given a medical check-up reviewing your normal physical habits, which we’ll use to draw up a three-part health plan based on healthy food that is high in vitamins; sports activities and relaxation; and, last of all, well-being.

Since we're mindful about your health in this particular period, and faced with emerging clusters, we've decided to boost your protection by going above and beyond the compulsory health measures. We have kitted out the air-conditioning units with equipment that sterilises the air blown into the bedrooms and common areas.

For the common areas, the air introduced into the building is not recycled: it comes 100% from the air outside.

In addition, each bedroom is equipped with a sterilisation system operating via a 30-minute process triggered by the client when they're not in the room.

This means that the whole room will be sterilised on their return.

Our other services

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