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Because to us…it is all ABOUT you!” The SPA concept is based on the meaning of the word “Essence”. The Essence of Wellbeing, the Essence of well serving and the Essence of treating well. The experience, refinement and services customization are our brand image. SPA is available all year round.


The benefits of Sauna to the health have been recognized over the years and are known as a great way to relief stress and promote a healthy lifestyle. Here is where our guests can enjoy a much-needed rest, after a long day riding.

Turkish Steam Bath

This hot steam hydro-therapy treatment, has a miraculous effect on both the mental and physical state of everyone able to enjoy its benefits to the full. With the main focus on water rather than steam, this is the perfect remedy for stress and a great way to relax.

Treatment Rooms

Ride Resort's Spa facilities also include 2 private and independent treatment rooms. Whether you want to have a Sports Recovery Massage or are looking for a relaxing activity with your better half, at our Spa you can choose from a wide variety of treatments.

SPA Treatment List
Full Body Massages
Special relaxing massage

Ideal for those who seek a deep mental and physical relaxation to eliminate stress (50 minutes per session)

65.00 €
Sport massage

This therapy can be done after sports practice to reduce tensions and muscle inflammation or simply to prepare the muscles before a training, preventing injuries and increasing performance. (50 minutes per session)

68.00 €
Therapeutic massage

This massage is especially indicated to help with the recovery of injuries, eliminate muscle aches and localized tension, also for those who seek a massage with a stronger pressure. (50 minutes per session)

68.00 €
Bamboo massage

Bambootherapy is a massage made with bamboo stems and with effects of deep muscle relaxation, drainage and an invigorating sense of well-being. (60 minutes per session)

77.00 €
Detox massage

It combines a deep therapeutic massage in the back with the draining and detoxifying massage on the legs and belly. A treatment to eliminate toxins, and provide a deeply relaxation. (60 minutes per session)

77.00 €
Hot stones massage

One of the most relaxing massages, where volcanic hot stones are used to massage the whole body for a deep and profound sense of well-being. The heat of the stones heats the muscles, relaxing them completely as its therapeutic properties promote an energetic balance as they touch several vital points. (60 minutes per session)

77.00 €
Authentic Portuguese massage

Portuguese massage made with pinda sachets of mineral salt and spices. (60 minutes per session)

77.00 €
Kids massage (<12 years)

General well-being gentle massage, adapted for children. (15 minutes per session)

15.00/30.00 €
Kids massage (<12 years)

General well-being gentle massage, adapted for children. (30 minutes per session)

15.00/30.00 €
Oriental Massage

In this exclusive massage, several ancient oriental techniques are used such as Shiatsu – Japan; Ayurvedic and Abhyanga – India. (50 minutes per session)

68.00 €
Focused Massages
Back & Neck Massage

Back, arms, shoulders and neck Massage, the main places where tension accumulates. The pressure of this Massage may vary according with preference, being softer and relaxing or a deep and energizing Treatment. (30 minutes per session)

45.00 €
Fresh Light legs Massage

Massage performed with refreshing and invigorating oils on the feet and legs to reduce tiredness and muscle fatigue. (30 minutes per session)

45.00 €
Modeling Massage/Anti-Cellulite

Massage where emphasis is placed on body areas where fat accumulates, in order to actuate the disappearance to enhance forms. (30 minutes per session)

45.00 €
Couples massage
Romantic odyssey

Ritual for couples that includes a relaxing massage. (45 minutes per session)

97.00 €
Woman spa ritual

A program specially prepared for women, which combines the unique effects of several relaxation and beauty treatments.Includes tea ritual, body scrub, detox body wrap, relaxing massage or lymphatic drainage and a hydrating mini-facial. (95 minutes per session)

130.00 €
Man must package

Specially for men, includes a tea ritual, back scrub, special relaxing massage or energizing oriental massage and mini-facial treatment. (95 minutes per session)

125.00 €
face and body beauty rituals
Gentle exfoliation and hydration

Gentle exfoliation held across the body. Ends with a moisturizing massage that leaves skin soft and velvety. (40 minutes per session)

50.00 €
Express facial treatment

An effective and quick facial treatment that includes cleans, scrub, mini-massage and facial cream. (35 minutes per session)

48.00 €
Anti-aging facial treatment

A complete and efficient facial treatment, indicated for mature skin rejuvenation. (60 minutes per session)

80.00 €
outdoor rituals
Shiatsu's chair massage

This is an efficient massage performed in the back, arms and shoulders area. In a few minutes, it eliminates the main muscular tensions and provides a feeling of lightness and well-being. (20 minutes per session)

30.00 €
Nature breeze massage

Relaxing massage, in open space, near the pool. (30 minutes per session)

40.00 €

All prices include VAT

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