Promoting a healthy lifestyle is one of Ride Hotel principle commitments. Our Spa offers a variety of services that promote improved health, beauty and relaxation through personal care, such as different types of massage. You can also enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy to relax your muscles, relieve aches and pains, ease breathing and drain your sinuses.

Located next to the gym on the ground floor, our massage and spa facilities are available to all our guests throughout the year.

Turkish Bath

This hot steam hydrotherapy treatment has a miraculous effect on everyone's mental and physical state. With the emphasis on steam rather than water, it is the perfect remedy for stress and an excellent way to relax.

The Sauna

The health benefits of saunas have been recognised over the years. They are known to relieve stress and promote a healthy lifestyle. It is here that our guests can enjoy a well-deserved rest after a long day of activities. Come and enjoy a moment of relaxation for body and mind in our sauna.

Treatment Rooms

Hotel Ride Surf & Spa facilities also include 2 private and independent treatment rooms. Whether you are looking for a sports recovery massage or a relaxing duo activity, our Spa allows you to choose from a wide variety of services.

Ride Spa Services
Facial express - 40 min

Fast and effective facial treatment that includes cleansing, peeling, cream mask and final moisturizing.

55 €
Facial treatment for her - 50 min

Return the shine and balance to your skin. This facial treatment involes a deep pore cleansing, scrubbing, a mask and a final emulsion. Suited especially to nourish and hydrate dry skin.

65 €
Facial treatment for him - 50 min

It consist of cleansing and treating male skin, damaged and weakened by daily shaving, returning to your skin the brightness and hydration it needs.

65 €
For her - 1h30

Exfoliation + Body wrap + Relaxation massage + Tea ritual

A programm specially prepared for women, which combines the unique effects of several relaxation and beauty treatments.

180 €
For him - 1h30

Exfoliation + relaxation massage + facial express + tea ritual

Especially prepared for men. It includes exfoliation, relaxing massage and mini facial to feel your skin fresh and deeply relaxed.

180 €
Special full body relaxing massage - 50 Min

A special and complete massage that incorporates the best relaxation techniques, perfect for relaxing the body and mind.

70 €
Candle massage - 50 Min

Use of candle wax with a temperature that can reach 39ºC to provide a general feel of relaxation, relief of muscle tension, improved blood circulation, and consequently promoting general well-being.

90 €
Sports massage - 50 Min

A massage that is applied throughout the body with application of deep massage techniques, with firmness and an intense rhythm.

70 €
Therapeutic massage - 50 Min

It consists of manual manipulation of tissues promoting general well-being. It is indicated for relaxing purposes, recovery of lesions or pathologies.

70 €
Hot stone massage - 50 Min

Relaxation massage in which are used hot basalt stones, which are placed in strategic points of the body offering a feeling of relief and wellbeing.

90 €
Pindas massage - 50 Min

It’s a massage using an Oriental technique that uses Chinese pindas (linen bags with medicinal herbs, aromatics and spices) which have relaxing and stimulating properties. These are heated and applied to the body at strategic points balancing the inner energy and bringing well-being.

90 €
Couples massage - 50 Min

A relaxing massage in which love is celebrated.

140 €
Back and neck massage - 30 Min

A massage locally applied that allows you to reduce contractures and tension points, promoting a general feel of relaxation.

50 €
Massage for tired legs - 30 Min

A massage locally applied on the legs and feet, performed with high quality creams, causing an immediate general relief.

50 €
Body exfoliation and hydration - 50 Min

Body treatment consisting of a massage performed with a granular, exfoliating substance, which is applied throughout the body with the aim of cleaning, exfoliating and promoting the removal of dead cells from the body, and deeply moisturizes the skin giving it softness and a natural appearance. This technique stimulates blood circulation as well as the lymphatic flow.

75 €
Shiatsu massage - 50 Min

Massage originated in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicines. It is an excellent massage to treat tense areas, pain and stress, in order to release tension and eliminate muscle nodules. It uses a deep and relaxing technique by applying the pressure of the fingers. It is also a gentle and subtle therapy but powerful.

60 €
Lymphatic drainage massage - 50 Min

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of body massage that serves to help the body to eliminate fluids and toxins in excess through the lymphatic system.

60 €
Childrens massage (from 4 until 12 years) - 30 Min

An energetic and invigorating massage for the little ones.

45 €

All prices include VAT

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