Wellness for

Body and Mind



Break with a hectic daily lifestyle, suspend the course of time and recharge to access a universe of fullness. This is the formula that Ride offers in taking care of you.

Explore the services we have to offer within the hotel, with unique and memorable experiences for you to enjoy at any time during your stay. Come and relax for an afternoon, enjoying our Spa and wellness area and our various body treatments.

Relaxation and treatments

Relaxing massages, therapy, shiatsu or facial treatments are some of our signature treatments that will allow you to awaken all your senses in an elegant and harmonious environment. You have the choice of an individual or couple session to relax and enjoy a moment of calm.

Water-based activities

At sea or in the heated outdoor pool, RIDE is known for offering memorable water-based experiences. Surfing, bodysurfing and freediving are just a few examples! Our instructors customise each session with you in mind. Be it individual or group sessions. Build memories with us !

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The Spa

Discover the intimate, calm and welcoming atmosphere of the RIDE Hotel Spa where you can enjoy a unique experience. We have a range of treatments and massages that will allow you to achieve internal balance and mental and physical well-being. Come and relax in a welcoming and soothing setting with a massage session.

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We believe that physical activity is directly related to well-being. The RIDE Hotel gym is a serene and bright space that can be used by everyone, regardless of their pace. Individually or in a group, allow yourself to be carried by the movement of your body in our yoga, pilates or zumba classes, to name just a few.

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Healthy eating

We know that diet is an important factor in enriching your well-being and we want to contribute to that. Our team of nutritionists and cooks will take care of your meals and offer you delicious and balanced dishes. Let yourself be surprised and delighted by the aromas and taste of the dishes on our healthy menu.

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The Synergy+ Programme, a Ride Hotel exclusive

Our wellness programme that brings together the hotel's different activities as well as our alternative medicine practices. We invite you to discover this unique place where you can recharge your batteries and boost your natural defences. Recent global events related to the crisis prompted us to design this programme aimed at your well-being, called “Synergy+”, in Peniche, Portugal. Your stay will include relaxation, a healthy diet and activities adapted to your physical condition and state of health.

Wellness & Spa treatments

Form of alternative medicine, in which there is the imposition of hands to transfer energy. The objective is to channel the universal vital energy in order to balance the body and mind.

65 €

Technique that uses manual manipulation of musculoskeletal system structures to eliminate or reduce mobility or postural disorders.

85 €
Breathing Techniques

Teaching simple breathing techniques in water or outdoors, by a qualified professional.

85 €
Nutrition consultation

Simple anthropometric assessment through which a healthy eating plan is defined (if desired) by a qualified nutritionist. The customer’s stay meal menu.

70 €
Quantum Therapy

Therapy that uses technology that measures and records the electrical impulses of our skin, helping to manage and reprogram the self-healing capabilities of the human body, restoring its natural resonance.

80 €
Foot reflexology

It consists of applying pressure to specific points of the foot, to balance the body’s energy and prevent the emergence of diseases and health problems.

70 €
Chinese medicine

Therapy with a person-oriented holistic approach, treating the individual rather than the disease. Several techniques are used, such as: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, cupping, phytotherapy, diet therapy, moxibustion and therapeutic massage.

80 €
Spa Ritual
For her - 1h30

Exfoliation + body wrapping + relaxation massage + tea ritual

A programm specially prepared for women, which combines the unique effects of several relaxation and beauty treatments.

180 €
For him- 1h30

Exfoliation + relaxation massage + facial express + tea ritual

Especially prepared for men. It includes exfoliation, relaxing massage and mini facial to feel your skin fresh and deeply relaxed.

180 €

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We're super excited about another edition of our event that will take place on the 13th of July, starting at 15:30. The entrance is free for everyone.

We'll have music by Dj Nuno da Mata, Skate Jam, drinks & special snack menu, shops with handmade products, flash tattoos, entertainment for children (inflatable, face painting, ...) and surprises during the afternoon.

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